4th Period and 6th Period: Blog Prompt #3

Go to http://failblog.org/fail blog. Find three blog posts there that make you laugh. Discuss those three posts on your blog (250+ words), telling me what they are and why you thought they were funny.

Remember if I don’t have your blog address I can’t give you a grade.  Post your name and blog address on my blog site so I can give you credit for all your work.


4th and 6th period: Blog Prompt #2

Pick one piece of art and write a creative response to it (this could be a poem, story, play . . . ) It needs to be at least 250 words.

4th and 6th Period: Blog Prompt #1

Name three advantages and disadvantages you see for keeping your journal for Ms. Traverso’s class online. After considering all these positives and negatives, do you think keeping a blog instead of a traditional notebook will be easier or harder for you? Why?

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