4th Period



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    Jennifer Bonilla
    Period 4
    What I learned through out this week was what equaty means, what people thought about if a youth should be punish as an adult for a criminal reason. Being more specific a adult sentence. A concept I felt was easy to understand was what equity means it means the quality of being fair or impartial. It was easy to understand this word because I practice this word every single night and I memorize the definition. I found this concept easy to understand because in my other English class two years ago we did a game where you win extra credit points if we knew the definiton. We where in groups of four and we hepled each other. The concept I found confusing was how is criminal stories related to European Literature. I found this confusing because I thought we were suppose to do stuff related to Europe or something like that. This things happen to me in other classes we do things off topic and that gets me confusing. A skill I will develop is lisening because they do things off topic and it gets me confuse. I manage my time pretty well because I don’t like to be late in any class is a habit. I like to be early and get my work done. What I will do to overcome my learning obstacles is lisen and not get distracted by other people around me. The last action I took to overcome my obstacles was not sucessfull because I try to lisen but I get distracted pretty easily but I’m going to try because I like good grades.

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    Christine Pereyras
    4th Period


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    So was learning about the different types of murder degree. And then we was reading the articles concerning about crimes and cases. So I learned about the first degree murder, second degree murder. Then we was reading the various articles like Supreme Court to rule on executing young killer and more articles. Than we made predictions on what its going to be about. Than as we moved on, we was talking about the equity. I think the word equity means to be equal. Thats basically what i would say. Last week too, we did an group activity where we was to put the actual situation and all the stuff together. It was fun doing that, and plus this is the first time i’ve learned about this terms: first, second degree murder. It really is new to me.And it is surprising when we was reading the articles, how young the teens are and the crimes they commited already.

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    Jennifer Bonilla
    4th period

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    Zohaib Shahid

    4th period


  12. zohaibshahid Said:

    Zohaib SHAHID

    4th PEriod


  13. zohaibshahid Said:

    ZOHaib SHahid

    4th period


  14. bonillajennifer Said:

    Jennifer Bonilla
    Period 4

  15. zohaibshahid Said:

    zohaib shahid
    period 4


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