Final Blog of the Year

Some of you may have heard already that I will not be back at Thurgood Marshall next year.  I am in the process of interviewing at a school in Oakland, and chances are that is where I will be next year.  For you final blog I want you to write a letter to my future students telling what to expect if they have me as a teacher.  I want your blog to be in a letter format.  Start with:

Dear Student of Ms. Traverso,

You may choose to answer some, all or none of the following questions.

  1. The best thing about having Ms. Traverso as a teacher is . . .
  2. The hardest thing about having Ms. Traverso as a teacher is . . .
  3. One thing you must always remember to do in Ms. Traverso’s class is . . .
  4. When Ms. Traverso is angry you should . . .
  5. You can tell when Ms. Traverso is happy when . . .
  6. If you want to succeed in Ms. Traverso’s class you need to . . .

Add anything else that could be helpful to potential students (And I will have them read you letters, so be appropriate.)


Your Name

Your Grade


As always 250 words.



  1. Rankin Said:

    Rankin Salinas
    4th period

  2. xltx Said:

    Tomson lin

  3. meizhao Said:

    Name: MeiYan (Alice) Zhao
    Period: 4th

  4. janelleleon Said:

    Janelle Leon

  5. maggieboo23 Said:

    Name: Maggie Xie
    Period: 2nd

  6. janelleleon Said:

    Name: Janelle Leon
    Period: 2nd period

  7. bobo415 Said:

    Preston Yau 2°

  8. jenaba Said:

    Jena Bantilan

  9. giocolon Said:

    hi ms. t. give me an a this year:)

  10. monieb Said:

    Symone Bullock
    Period 2

  11. luli8 Said:

    Lourdes Gonzalez, 2nd period.

  12. linglingtom Said:
    Bryan Ma

  13. w10tan Said:

    Wilson Tan (

  14. leechristopher711 Said:

    Name: Christopher Lee
    Period: 4

  15. irvinpoon Said:

    irvin poon
    entry #1 first week

  16. jazzzymay Said:

    Jasmine Hilario
    3rd period

  17. jayyem Said:

    Name: Jonathan Morales
    3rd Period

  18. akarlalala Said:

    Karla Narciso 3rd period,, Entry #1

  19. gabrielrt21 Said:

    Name: Gabriel Fernandez
    Period: 3rd

  20. nevarezbrenda222 Said:

    brenda nevarez period 3

  21. patrelly Said:

    Angelica Pineda (jelly)period 4

  22. zohaibshahid Said:

    Name Zohaib Shahid

    Period 4th

  23. huionyi123 Said:

    Name: Onyi Hui
    Blog Title: Entry#1 New Semester

  24. guillean Said:

    guillean period 4

  25. josep415 Said:

    name: Jose Parra

  26. gfbrd Said:

    Name: Henry Yao
    Blog Title: Entry#1 Socratic Seminar

    • gfbrd Said:

      forgot to put period 4th

  27. ckl233519 Said:

    Name:Curtis Lau
    Period: 4th

  28. kelvyonb17 Said:

    kelvyonburton period4

  29. dcommer Said:

    dominique commer(4th)

  30. ivonnerd Said:

    Name: Rosa Diaz
    Period: 4th

  31. joriegonzalez Said:

    Marjorie Gonzalez

  32. maynicolau Said:

    Name: Doris Nicolau
    Period: 4th

  33. jdasalla Said:

    Name: Jessie James Dasalla
    Period: 4th

  34. ivonnerd Said:

    Name: Rosa Diaz
    Period: 4th

  35. bonillajennifer Said:

    Name: Jennifer Bonilla
    Period; 4th

  36. tise2192 Said:

    artise powell period4

  37. jasonlui123 Said:

    Jason Lui
    period 4

  38. devonburroughs Said:

    Name: Devon Burroughs
    Period: 4th

  39. kayde25 Said:

    Name: Christine Pereyras
    Period: 4th

  40. tima92 Said:

    Ra’Tima Marshall 4th

  41. brenvalle Said:

    Name: Brenda Valle
    Period: 4th

  42. leonlazo Said:

    Leon Lazo

  43. bren16 Said:

    Brenda Ramos

  44. proudflip16 Said:

    Jessen Miguel

  45. ryykilla27 Said:

    Ryan Dela Merced

  46. elaineee Said:

    name: elaine Gaurano

  47. mell4321 Said:

    Melvin Perez

  48. maaquino1 Said:

    Martin Aquino

  49. frankyhui Said:

    Franky HUI, TSZ FUNG

  50. daddy415 Said: teresa gonzalez 3rd period

  51. dagonzalez2 Said: Gonzalez Per3

  52. america11 Said:

    Name: America Ferreira
    Period: 3rd

  53. btramos Said:

    Barbara Ramos

  54. izayugh Said:

    Isaiah Lim

  55. zubester Said:

  56. zubester Said:

    Zuber Hussain

  57. emmanuel smith-evans Said:

    emmanuel, smith-evans

  58. frankyhui Said:


  59. joriegonzalez Said:

    Marjorie Gonzalez

  60. joriegonzalez Said:

    Marjorie Gonzalez

  61. ryykilla27 Said:

    Ryan Dela Merced

  62. monchis415 Said:

    Ramon Aguas
    4 priod

  63. monchis415 Said:

    Ramon Aguas
    4 period

  64. henry415 Said:

    Henry ho
    period 2

  65. ryuujinakka Said:

    daniel yee
    fourth period

  66. ryykilla27 Said:

    Ryan Dela Merced

  67. jay27 Said:

    James asistin

    Blog #11
    pd 3

  68. jay27 Said:

    James asistin

    Blog #11

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