Blog Prompt #10

In 1968, Jane Elliot, a teacher in a small all white town in Iowa, divided her third grade class into blue-eyed and brown-eyed groups to teach them about discrimination.  Watch the video “A Class Divided.”

What is your initial reaction to this video?  What does this video say about racism and the efects it can have on people who experence racism?

WARNING: You will see young white children use the “n-word”.  If you are offended good, it’s offensive.



  1. Rankin Said:

    Rankin Salinas
    4th period

  2. Rankin Said:

    Rankin Salinas – Day of Silence Blog
    4th period

  3. qwjiang Said:

    Qiwen Jiang
    Period: 4th

  4. meizhao Said:

    Name: MeiYan (Alice) Zhao
    Period: 4th

  5. ryuujinakka Said:

    Name: Daniel Yee
    Period : 4°
    Blog Site:

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