Blog Prompt #8

In the last few weeks of the school year we will be exploring a different form of publishing, self publishing, specifically zines.  For this blog I want you to do two things.

1. Look up the definition of Zine (use either a dictionary service or wikipedia).  Answer the question: What is a zine?

2. Go to the website and look for examples of zines.  Find two zines that you would be interested in reading.  Tell me what they are and why they look interesting to you.

As always 200-250 word minimum.  Writing more is always encouraged.



  1. qwjiang Said:

    Name: Qiwen Jiang
    Period: 4th

  2. meizhao Said:

    Name: MeiYan (Alice) Zhao
    Period: 4th

  3. Rankin Said:

    Rankin Salinas
    4th period

    my original personal blog:

  4. xiaoxinling Said:
    4th period

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