Blog Prompt #7

Watch the clip from “A Girl Like Me” (it can also be found on  Why do the children  choose one baby as the good baby and one as the bad baby?  Where did they learn this?  How do you think the children view themselves?  How will this affect their level of self respect and self love when they get older?  How does  society and the world we live in affect the reactions of the children?  What does it say about our society?  (At least 250 words)



  1. meizhao Said:

    Name: MeiYan (Alice) Zhao
    Period: 4th

  2. xlinggt6ri7 Said:

    Xiaoxin Ling
    4th period

  3. Rankin Said:

    Rankin Salinas
    4th period creative writing

  4. xltx Said:

    Tomson Lin
    6th period creative writing

  5. qwjiang Said:

    Name: Qiwen Jiang
    Period: 4th

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