4th and 6th period: Blog Prompt #2

Pick one piece of art and write a creative response to it (this could be a poem, story, play . . . ) It needs to be at least 250 words.



  1. meizhao Said:

    Name: MeiYan (Alice)
    Period: 4th


  2. lion7 Said:

    i think i might pick number 11 or number 7. I’m going to use number eleven. their is this one dead dude that is a mexican soldier. he is riding his horse. he killed this one German on his block in mexico. he is wearing an armor and has a skeleton head. he has big ass fish eyes. he has a blue armor and a horse. he stole the horse from the german. he lives in a broke down building. he is happy because he is going to have a feast for his victory. he is going to eat the horse with his family. he names the horse jose just before he eats him. he is about to slaughter the horse but then the horse kicks him in the balls and runs away.this project is hard i wish we never do something like this again. the guy has a fucked up grill.

  3. qwjiang Said:

    Name: Qiwen Jiang
    Period: 4th

  4. is0nickatina Said:

    Isis Moran

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